Trommel Fines

Are you facing increased landfill charges? The new VariStar Fines Line will recover the value from your trommel fines and vastly reduce your Landfill Tax payments!

Designed and built in the UK, the VariStar Fines Line is configured to accept trommel fines for final processing either by separate Feed Hopper or the system can be fed directly from the Trommel by Conveyor.

The trommel fines first pass under an Overband Magnet to collect any ferrous metals, and then over a VariStar Screen which can be set between 10mm and 50mm.

The fine material (generally soils) from the Star Screen is collected in a bay below, with the oversize material (stone, paper, wood & plastics) being conveyed to a Density Separator which separates the heavier stone fraction from the lights. The stone is elevated into a pile and the lights are blown forward to be collected into a weld-mesh catchment area or similar. The layout shown is to illustrate a typical installation. All equipment is built to order and to suit bespoke requirements.

* Bespoke Design and Manufacture

* Screen sizes to suit all throughputs

* Versatile – screen size can be changed at the touch of a button

* Suitable for C&D Waste, C&I Waste, Wood and most other materials