BioStar Fixed Shaft Star Screens

The BioStar range offers a choice of sizes of robust Star Screens with fixed shafts, with the following screening sizes available:- 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 80mm, 120mm.  For a screening requirement of less than 20mm we recommend the use of a VariStar machine

BioStar machines are available in standard 3m long sections and three standard widths:-
1200mm – 1560mm -2000mm

Each shaft is driven by its own motor, thus there are no chains & sprockets to maintain. Also, if a motor were to fail then only one shaft would stop rotating and the machine could still be used until the faulty motor was repaired or replaced.

*  Standard machines are supplied with a Universal Mounting Frame and can be specified to include Electric or Hydraulic Motors.

*  Shaft Bearings are sealed and are maintenance free.

*  Hydraulic Tilt to incline the screening deck is available as an option.