Galaxy Star Screen

New to the range, the Galaxy is a smaller Star Screen with a mechanically operated star shaft adjustment mechanism giving a 1-18mm star gap.

The Galaxy is the perfect screen for the smaller operation, as it offers a compact package with sufficient throughput to handle most screening operations.

Particularly successful at screening fines such as dust from wood chip for animal bedding, the Galaxy features 12 adjustable Star Shafts which can be set between 0-18mm by means of a simple handle mechanism. The shafts are driven by two electric motors controlled by an Inverter in a Control Panel. The shafts are mechanically connected by spur gears which allow the shafts to be adjustable by a simple jack mechanism. Single or Three Phase supply can be specified. The standard width of the star bed is 500mm (other widths available) and the overall length of the machine is approx 1700mm.

* Compact size

* Simple to operate

* Suitable for the smaller operation