VariStar Adjustable Star Screens

Originally designed and patented by ProStar, the VariStar is the Star Screen which features shafts that are adjustable for gap, this gives the operator the facility to screen different materials at different sizes, and to fine-tune the screening size instantly, at the touch of a button.

The adjustable-shaft design allows for a screening range of 10-50mm on a standard layout. Shaft speeds are governed by inverters giving control over throughput.

Each shaft is driven by its own motor, thus there are no chains & sprockets to maintain. Also, if a motor were to fail then only one shaft would stop rotating and the machine could still be used until the motor is replaced/repaired.

Input materials are generally pre-screened, crushed or shredded. The VariStar can accept input material up to a 300mm cube, depending on bulk density.

Varistar machines are available in two standard lengths and three standard widths:-

  • 3.4m 12 shafts x 1200 wide – 1560mm wide – 2000mm wide
  • 5.0m 18 shafts x 1200 wide – 1560mm wide – 2000mm wide
  • Bespoke sizes are available on request.

*  Standard machines are supplied on a Universal Mounting Frame and can be specified to include Electric or Hydraulic Controls.

 A 2.5m long oversize material discharge conveyor is standard equipment, extra conveyors for Fines Collection can be specified.

*  Shaft Bearings are sealed and are maintenance free.

*  Hydraulic tilt to incline the discharge end of the machine is available as an option.